Secure, Cost Effective Colocation Services at one of the most low-risk, highly connected data centres in the uk.

Just a few of our valued customers

  • nhs

  • vodafone

  • morrisons

  • pfg1

  • Enigma

  • irishrevenue

  • ebrc

  • csc

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Highly Secure Colocation


By installing your IT in our purpose built environment, you are guaranteed a more secure place to store your data. Our professionals are on hand 24 hours a day, and each unit is continuously monitored – a service that exceeds any in-house data centre.

Our favourable location also adds to our commitment to security as our data centres are nowhere near a place that is at risk from being a terrorist target, yet we still have the constant connectivity needed for the superior service we promise.


Data Centre Migration


We are committed to offering a cost-effective data migration service, with no hidden charges to a wide range of businesses and organisations including household names such as Morrisons Supermarkets and established UK institutions such as the NHS.

Our service has become one of the most trusted in the UK for businesses large and small that wish to avoid costs associated with building and maintaining an in-house data centre.