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We're heading towards the biggest and most important Data Centre and Cloud event of the year - DataCloud Europe 2016. With over 140 leading industry professionals speaking at the conference, around 70 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, this event is the must attend event of the year. MIGSOLV is proud to have been part of this particular conference since its inception some 12 years ago.

DataCloud Europe is one event that must not be missed in the year. There are lots and lots of ‘conferences’ and exhibitions every year … almost every day an invitation drops into my mailbox advertising some event or another. Nobody can do all of them, so which one do you choose?

Being rather uncharitable about them, the truth is that most of these events are attended by the same old people trotting out the same old stuff that is both out-of-date and uninteresting. Most of the ‘conferences’ lack content and the content that they do have is either vendors promoting their own products or of such poor quality that it simply isn’t worth listening to. And, in any event, why would I pay to attend an event that is rammed to the rafters full of people I already know?! I can speak to them for nothing!

So what is different about DataCloud Europe? OK, let’s get the first thing out of the way … its in Monaco. If I’m going to give up my time to attend a conference I would far rather it is somewhere nice to go! But that isn’t the real reason. The conference, (and it really is a proper conference), has been running for 12 years now. The content is always fresh, (BroadGroup manage this very well), there are always new speakers and new attendees that are interesting to listen to, have up-to-date views and have something relevant to add to the debate. Very few try to promote their own products, (and BroadGroup frown on this if they do), and most have something to offer of value.

There are very few conferences in the year. Most that claim to be conferences are, in fact, exhibitions that try to climb up the value chain by putting on some noisy poorly lit, poorly managed ‘conference’ on the side in the vain hope that they will attract more people. The biggest problem here is that they only attract speakers who would turn up to the opening of a paper bag if they got a chance to spout their stuff! Many charge exorbitant fees to people wanting to speak and, in my opinion, if you have to pay to speak you almost certainly have nothing of interest to say!

DataCloud Europe is different. It has always been, and remains today, the conference that delivers the highest quality of content and the highest quality of attendees.

“To anyone remotely interested in the datacentre and cloud arena, this event is a must. If you attend one event all year, make it this one!”Michael Tobin OBE

– And if he says that, it must be true!

Alex Rabbetts, CEO at MIGSOLV will be Chairing the second session in the Central Theatre at DataCloud Europe on 8th June and will be taking part in the Europe Colocation and Hosting Business Roundtable in the Central Theatre on the 9th June.