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Ensure the safety of your data is one less thing to worry about

We house organisation’s servers and IT equipment within our ultra-secure data centre in the East of England. Benefitting from the highest physical security, backup power, climatic control and diverse connectivity, we ensure your systems and data are always online, whatever happens.


One of the world's most secure data centres

Businesses large and small depend on The Gatehouse data centre as an impenetrable fortress for their IT systems and data.

Our security is internationally accredited by standards including ISO 27001 and endorsed by The National Counter Terrorism Security Office. The Gatehouse also exceeds the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a legal requirement for businesses storing and transmitting credit card data.

What makes The Gatehouse so secure?

Based on a low-risk 9-acre site in Norfolk, The Gatehouse features:

  • 24/7 manned security centre
  • 3m high security fence with razor wire and microwave intruder detection
  • Two buildings separated by a bomb blast mound
  • CCTV coverage of every square inch of the site with long retention of footage
  • Proximity card access to all doors and turnstiles
  • Gated ‘trap’ to control vehicle movements
  • Proximity cards and iris recognition technology for accessing the data halls
  • Air conditioning and electrical systems maintained from dedicated corridors, removing need for maintenance engineers to enter the data hall
  • Telecom Interchange Rooms (TIRs) accessed from separate entrances, meaning engineers have no need to enter the data hall
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and preventative systems

Safe location

Norwich, in the East of England is the ideal low-risk location for a data centre.

No matter how physically secure a data centre is, there may be additional risks posed by its location. The Gatehouse is situated in low-risk rural England, away from the increased threats in metropolitan areas. In contrast to London and many cities, it’s not on a flood plain or at risk from natural disaster. Norfolk has one of the lowest UK crime rates and has never been subject to civil unrest or terrorism.


Security accreditations

Our security is accredited by some of the highest national and international standards, providing peace of mind your data is always secure:

  • ISO 27001:2013. This international standard provides assurance our Information Security Management System provides the maximum protection
  • PCI DSS. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a legal requirement for payment card processing. You can process and transmit cardholder data safe in the knowledge we exceed the level required to protect your customers
  • NaCTSO. We regularly invite The National Counter Terrorism Security Office to review security at The Gatehouse data centre. Their latest report said ‘It is evident that MIGSOLV is a business that considers security as one of its main priorities and the author would like to congratulate MIGSOLV for having comprehensive plans and procedures in place.’
  • We adhere to the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
  • We are certified by the UK Government Cyber Essentials Scheme