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Disaster Recovery

Painless Disaster Recovery when you need it most

MIGSOLV sits at the very centre of many companies’ Disaster Recovery plans. Whether you’re an international blue-chip organisation or local small business, you can rely on MIGSOLV to keep your data secure and accessible in a crisis.

Why MIGSOLV for Disaster Recovery?

At MIGSOLV we deliver colocation services – housing business’s and other organisation’s IT equipment and data within the ultra-secure Gatehouse data centre in Norwich.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is a set of policies, procedures and tools to enable the continuation of vital technology following a natural or human disaster. In short its ensures your data, software and systems are protected and recoverable should the worst happen.

What makes The Gatehouse perfect for Disaster Recovery?

The Gatehouse is a £12 million data centre, housing international big-data alongside local small-business IT. We ensure every byte receives the same world-class protection. It features:

  • Two buildings separated by a bomb blast mound
  • 3m high security fence & 24/7 security guards
  • Extensive CCTV & microwave intruder detection
  • Proximity card access & biometric iris scanning
  • State-of-the-art fire detection & preventative systems
  • Instantaneous power and 6 backup generators with fuel for 8 days electricity
  • Two sets of power delivery infrastructure
  • ‘Free cooling’ air conditioning and humidity control
  • ‘N+1’ backup of all critical systems

Primary Disaster Recovery protection

The Gatehouse is one of the most secure data centres in the world. Many businesses rely on MIGSOLV as the sole custodians of their IT equipment and data. They trust it is protected within one of the most resilient environments should they be hit by a major threat or incident.

Backup Disaster Recovery protection

Alternatively, The Gatehouse can be used as a secondary backup. Whilst some of our clients house their primary IT in their own premises, they rely on MIGSOLV to provide a fail-safe backup. Whatever may affect their day-to-day operations, they can assure that their customers they can quickly return to business as normal by accessing their data in The Gatehouse.