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Data Migration

Migrating to The Gatehouse data centre couldn’t be easier

Migrating your servers, IT equipment and data can seem like a daunting task. At MIGSOLV we ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

Whether you’re choosing The Gatehouse data centre as the exclusive home for your IT or using it as a Disaster Recovery backup, we can deliver the whole migration process for you.

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Ensuring you a hassle-free migration

Few things are as valuable or critical as your data. That’s why its migration to a new home in our ultra-secure data centre needs to be quick and dependable. Migrating data systems is a skilled task which you may not be resourced to tackle. At MIGSOLV we can deliver every element for you to reduce risk and make it one less thing to worry about.

The MIGSOLV approach

  • Preparation is key. We’ll discuss every step with you, understand your business needs and develop a detailed migration plan
  • We’ll carry out a full inventory of your systems and logically place devices into groups which can be moved consecutively
  • We’ll implement the plan as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We’ll ensure your team is fully informed at every stage and as involved as you would like to be
  • We’ll minimise down time and disruption so you can maintain business as usual