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Business Continuity

Ensure its ‘business-as-usual’, whatever happens

With the increased threat of terrorism and extreme weather, business continuity has become vital. Many organisations are under increasing pressure from customers, regulators and stakeholders to improve their business resilience.

We house organisation’s servers and IT equipment within The Gatehouse, one of the most secure data centres in the world. Benefitting from the highest physical security, backup power, climatic control and diverse connectivity, we ensure your systems are always online, no matter what.

How can MIGSOLV help improve your business continuity?

Business continuity is about planning and preparation to ensure your organisation can continue to operate in the event of a serious incident. At MIGSOLV we help businesses with all three key elements of business continuity:

Business Resilience

Business resilience is about designing critical business functions and infrastructure to be materially unaffected by disruptions.

By housing your IT in MIGSOLV’s ultra-secure data centre, your data will be unaffected by major incidents and impacts on your own location.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery involves arrangements to recover or restore critical and every-day business functions after a disaster.

Whether you choose The Gatehouse data centre to house your primary IT or a secondary back-up, you’ll ensure you can swiftly access and recover your data.

Business Contingency

Business contingency is about establishing plans and readiness to carry on with business whatever incidents and disasters occur.

Whatever may physically affect your staff or premises, you will always be able to access your IT systems and data when they’re housed in The Gatehouse data centre.