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The Digital Revolution for Oil, Gas & Renewables

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For those with their ear to the ground, any article or comment on the present or future of the Energy industry is almost guaranteed to reference the role of data and digital transformation.

Global accountancy firm Deloitte recently highlighted the importance of data in their ‘2018 Outlook on Oil & Gas.

“Actually, it could mean the difference between thriving, surviving or just not making it.”John England, Deloitte Executive

So, what makes digital data so critical and how can companies in and around the Energy industry take advantage? Dominic Boullé, Energy Sector Specialist at MIGSOLV, the East of England’s only world-class data centre, sheds some light on the solutions their customers are finding.

Why is data so important to Energy?

“The greatest impact on the Energy industry is the sheer quantity of data now available.

There is an almost infinite supply of data on behaviour and performance, for everything right down to individual people, processes and machines. The ‘Internet of Things’ is interconnecting more devices than ever for energy consumers and producers. Throughout the supply chain a bewildering array of sensors now capture and report information that is hugely valuable to those who know how to exploit it.

Smart businesses in and around the energy sector are turning this data into a competitive advantage, helping them to improve results or spot the next innovation. Those who aren’t are frequently finding themselves behind the curve.”

What can businesses do to take advantage?

“Many businesses are able to create opportunities by looking to the past, as well as the future.

New technology and fresh competitive pressures are helping businesses analyse the data they’ve already accumulated. In energy, this is being applied to everything from exploration and production, to supply and customer service. The advantages are there for those who gather, protect and value their data.”

What’s the first challenge?

“The first challenge has to be protection.

With international infrastructure, global relationships, terrorism and even state-sponsored cyber threats, everyone from consumers to governments are looking for increased reassurance that the Energy industry is protected.

Regardless of size, even the smallest companies within the supply chain need to provide assurance that their IT systems and security aren’t going to be the weak-link that compromises others. That’s why so many are moving their data storage out of vulnerable offices into a highly secure data centre like MIGSOLV’s.”

What about connectivity

“Data is now more fluid than ever. At MIGSOLV, we’ve seen a notable increase in businesses looking for better connectivity, as well as protection.

Energy is perhaps one of the world’s most interconnected industries and even small supply chain businesses now need to access the open and closed networks larger players rely on for communication.

Our customers want to know they can scale their data and seamlessly integrate with others. Being at the forefront of global connectivity is not just important but increasingly a matter of survival.”

How can MIGSOLV help?

“Our data centre is a maximum-security building in which we provide space, power, cooling and connectivity for businesses’ servers, data storage and other IT systems. Whether housing an organisations primary IT infrastructure or a disaster recovery backup, we protect their data from threats including theft, terrorism, extreme weather and flooding.

Despite the high-security, customers still retain 24/7 physical access to their IT and can visit the site at any time. In addition, we always have highly trained and experienced staff on site to enact maintenance and make changes on our clients’ behalf.

We also provide unique access here in the East to major global carriers and networks, so our clients can be part of vital international communications.”

Who do you help?

“Being in Norwich, we’re uniquely positioned to be highly accessible for the Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Renewables industry all along East Anglia’s Energy Coast. We’re just 20 miles from Great Yarmouth.

We can create the perfect data centre solution for any business involved in the energy supply chain and assist all tiers from major producers to small local companies delivering niche services.

We protect terabytes of vital data, helping businesses get more from their data and providing them with the invaluable reassurance of data-security for their customers, partners and stakeholders.”

About Dominic Boullé

With over 24 years in oil and gas, Dominic has managed data centres for companies throughout the Energy industry. Dominic joined MIGSOLV in 2017 to help serve an increasing number of energy related customers. He has a wealth of experience ensuring critical data is always safe and accessible, for 24/7 global use.

For more information, contact Dominic on 01603 510323 for a chat or to arrange a viewing of the data centre.