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Low-cost data centre services for small & medium businesses

SME’s, the lifeblood of the economy, are experiencing ever increasing pressures and challenges in today’s rapidly changing technological world. Here at MIGSOLV we understand this and are able to offer a range of services to allow them/you to concentrate on their/your core business without the worry of disruption and interruption to their/your IT infrastructure ensuring not only that them/you have access to their/your critical data 24/7 but that they/you remain available to their/your customers whatever happens.

What is Colocation for small businesses?

Data is essential to all modern companies and smaller businesses are no exception.

The Gatehouse in Norwich is the only purpose-built data centre in Norfolk & Suffolk. Inside, businesses of all sizes house their IT equipment. Protected from threats like theft, extreme weather and office disruptions; businesses retain continual access to their IT and data, whatever happens.

Is colocation right for your small business?

Whilst Cloud storage is an option for some, many small and medium businesses prefer to house their own servers in a high security data centre where they know they have continual access.

By choosing colocation with MIGSOLV you can:

  • Increase your business’s resilience by ensuring your data is off-site and protected
  • Free up valuable office space and eliminate the need for IT cooling and infrastructure
  • Increase the life and reliability of your equipment in a climatically controlled environment
  • Provide Disaster Recovery should your IT or premises be compromised
  • Demonstrate to your customers and other stakeholders that you take data security seriously

Flexible, easy & cost-effective

No matter what sector you’re in, we can provide cost-effective protection for anything from a single server to big-data storage. Small and medium businesses need to be lean and adaptive, so we offer flexible services at a much lower cost than you might expect.

Housing your IT in The Gatehouse data centre, you’ll benefit from:

  • A truly world-class data centre in a low-risk location
  • The highest levels of physical security and threat protection
  • Uninterrupted power and connectivity
  • Industry leading customer service and care
  • Lower-costs and longer life for your equipment
  • Peace-of-mind your data is always online and accessible
Unsure how to migrate your IT to our data centre? We’ll manage the whole process for you.