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The Janet Network – A secure opportunity

Janet is a highly-secure high-speed network established for the UK research and education community. MIGSOLV is one of just two UK data centres able to provide access.

With over 18 million users, the Janet network enables national and international communication to support innovation, research and learning. It also provides commercial opportunity.

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Public sector connectivity

The Janet network is widely used by major public-sector organisations including government departments, educational establishments and scientific bodies.

For other public or third sector organisations, like charities, local government or NGOs, connecting to the network provides an opportunity to create relationships, share information and become involved in national and international programmes.

Private sector opportunity

As part of the Government’s digital-first strategy, the Janet network provides private sector organisations with a way to securely supply their services to government and the public sector.

Connecting to the Janet network provides businesses with a unique opportunity to deliver their online products and services to a closed network of major customers and buyers.