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Cyber & Network Security - The Threat is increasing


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With the threat of cyber-attacks increasing, whether from external threats or insider threat, organisations can no longer rely fully on preventative solutions to protect their data.

While it is clear organisations still need to invest in preventative solutions such as Next Generation Firewalls and End Point Security, these solutions cannot guarantee there will never be a breach. In fact many experts suggest it is ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ an organisation will be breached.

With the recent introduction of GDPR, not only do organisations need to protect their ‘crown jewels’ and business reputation against security breaches, but there are now large fines for failing to protect personal information.

Working alongside our partners, we deploy world leading security vendor Darktrace.

Using advanced machine learning and behavioural analytics, we take the fight against attacks in a different direction. As opposed to trying to stop a threat or method we know about, we are now looking for anomalies in behaviour of your users and machines.

Darktrace offers an immune system technology able to detect anomalous behaviours arising from anywhere within an enterprise network. Darktrace is able to leverage unsupervised machine learning to autonomously detect cyber threats.

Through this technology, organisations can mitigate risk and reputational damage from ransomware, malware, insider threat and vulnerabilities arising from IoT and unsecured devices.