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Ensuring financial data is always safe & secure

As headlines frequently demonstrate, few things are more important to financial services customers than data security.

Whatever your requirements – whether you’re providing advice, insurance, lending or investments – we’ll ensure your vital IT and data is always online, always accessible and always secure.

Ease the pressure with MIGSOLV

The Government, Financial Conduct Authority and other regulatory bodies are putting continual pressure on financial service providers to increase their data security. For financial businesses large and small, housing IT and data in their own premises no longer meets standards.

We provide data centre colocation services, allowing you to relocate your critical IT and data to the East of England’s world-class data centre. It stays safe whilst you retain complete secure access.

Primary & backup colocation

‘Colocation’ is space, power, cooling and physical security within our data centre for your computer servers, data storage and networking equipment. Whether its your primary IT or a disaster recovery backup, you’ll benefit from:

  • A truly world-class data centre in a low-risk location
  • The highest levels of physical security and threat protection
  • Uninterrupted power and connectivity
  • Industry leading customer service and care
  • Unrivalled flexibility to suit you and your customers
  • Peace-of-mind your data is always online and accessible

It’s all supported by our ISO27001 Information Security Management accreditation.

The ideal financial services data centre

Norwich, Norfolk, is the ideal location for a financial services data centre.

Situated in the low-risk East of England, The Gatehouse data centre is away from the increased threats in metropolitan areas. In contrast to London, its not on a flood plain, has one of the UK’s lowest crime rates and has never been subject to civil unrest or terrorism. Its just 2 hours by train or car from London and data makes the round trip in just 4ms.