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Protect and Connect with Ease

Housing your business-critical IT within a data centre requires a range of connectivity options to suit your needs and budget. MIGSOLV operates a fully neutral carrier policy, allowing you to extend your pre-existing connectivity solution into The Gatehouse data centre. If this is not you, we also offer enhanced solutions and a range of options through our connectivity partners.

IP Transit (Dedicated Internet Access)

IP transit allows you to become connected to the Internet in a cost effective, scalable and flexible way. IP transit delivers rock solid dependability, speed and route efficiency though the fibre network. We can deliver a port from 10Mb to 10Gb, allowing you to scale as your business, with a carrier failover as standard. Additional options include diverse feeds and BGP setup are also available.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable speeds from 10MB to 10GB
  • Direct Tier 1 transit connection to major UK peering hubs
  • LINK accredited connection to over 250 networks
  • RIPE membership enabling immediate allocation of IP addresses
  • Burstable bandwidth and billing options to control costs

Office Connect

MIGSOLV Office Connect provides a dedicated connection between your existing corporate network and The Gatehouse data centre.

Through it you can access our enhanced connectivity, improve your internal network and integrate with cloud services including, AWS and Azure.

In addition, you can fully or partially colocate your existing infrastructure within The Gatehouse’s and/or establish a dedicated backup – all with improved connectivity, speed and protection.

Key benefits:

  • Future-proof your business’s growing IT needs
  • Directly access better network connectivity
  • Benefit from a locally hosted cloud service
  • Gained improved access to major cloud providers
  • Fully or partially colocate your vulnerable IT infrastructure and data
  • Create a dedicated backup and improve your resilience

Dark Fibre

The ultimate bespoke connectivity

MIGSOLV Dark Fibre provides your organisation with a privately operated and dedicated fibre connection. It offers a quicker and more reliable connection than traditional fibre which relies on leased capacity on an existing network.

Dark Fibre is the ideal solution for organisations facing significant bandwidth challenges or needing their own secure network connection. It’s perfect for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other high bandwidth applications.

Key benefits:

  • Fibre for you to light and manage
  • Unlimited network potential and bandwidth options
  • Dedicated and highly secure network connectivity
  • Unlimited network flexibility and bandwidth options
  • Low latency and high availability

Janet Network

MIGSOLV is one of a handful of UK data centres able to provide access to the Janet Network.

Janet is a highly-secure high-speed network established for the UK research and education community. With over 18 million users, it enables national and international communication to support innovation, research and learning.

The Janet network is widely used by public or third sector organisations to connect to others, create relationships, share information and participate in programmes.

As part of the Government’s digital-first strategy, the Janet network provides commercial organisations with an opportunity to deliver their online products and services to a closed network of major new customers.


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