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Store & protect your data with ease

Within our world-class data centre, we deliver highly secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud hosting which flexes to fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated cloud platform, cloud backup or a hybrid solution with your existing IT infrastructure, we deliver cloud solutions with industry-leading customer service.

Private cloud service

Hosted & Managed Cloud

MIGSOLV, in co-operation with its cloud partners provide a unique cloud service, hosted and managed within The Gatehouse data centre.

A perfect solution for companies wanting the flexibility and control of dedicated server infrastructure, without the cost.

True to the cloud ethos, you’ll benefit from expansive data storage without capex intensive hardware. You’ll also receive dedicated server infrastructure in a known location, with full virtualisation and the benefits of a fully managed service – something not all providers deliver.

Focus on business, not IT

Hosted and Managed Cloud is perfect if you’re looking for a low risk, low complexity route to utility computing, enabling your business to grow without devoting precious time or resources to IT.

With simple monthly costs and the option to upgrade to other solutions should your needs change – it’s ideal for ambitious businesses looking for no-hassle IT solutions and the highest standards of cloud protection.

Key benefits:

    • Save time and effort when deploying a new application
    • Achieve security, threat identification and prevention
    • Increase service reliability
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Have access and control
    • Own your data and location

Managed backup

Dedicated backup & restore

MIGSOLV is also able to offer an easy-to-setup, highly protective and cost effective way to benefit from enterprise-level data backup & restoration.

As business data grows exponentially, backing it up becomes complicated, time consuming and costly. Failure to do so exposes organisations to substantial business and compliance risk. MIGSOLV, through partnerships provide highly secure, simple to set up remote backup services using a best-in-class technology platform. Safeguard your critical data against digital threats, damage or loss.

Safe & secure backup

We offer support for most operating systems, servers, databases, applications and storage environments, ensuring you can back-up any environment however obscure it may be. Whilst these features were originally developed with the storage needs of enterprises in mind, our pay-as-you-grow model ensures you only pay for what you use – a great fit for all businesses.

Loop Defence

Loop Defence is a revolutionary anti-malware engine which pre-scans your data before it’s backed up and prevents threats being included. It also scans your data prior to restoration and quarantines threats.

With comprehensive reporting and an easy-to-use portal, it provides absolute confidence in the integrity of your backup.

Key features:

    • Superfast backup and restore times at LAN speeds
    • Compatible with any operating system, hardware or environment
    • Full 256-bit encryption in-flight and at rest
    • Replication of data to secondary UK-based data centre
    • Additional support for WAN and cloud-based data
    • Full GDPR compliance for UK data sovereignty
    • Granular restore and retention capability
    • Extensive reporting through Management Portal
    • FIPS 140-2 certified and compliant with SOX, HIPAA, BaseII
    • ‘Pay-as-you-grow’ to minimise costs

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