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The Gatehouse Data Centre

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The ultra-secure data centre where every byte gets world-class protection

The Gatehouse data centre in Norwich, Norfolk, has just one purpose – to keep you delivering business-as-usual, whatever happens.

Consisting of two large buildings, the data centre houses servers and IT equipment for local small businesses and multi-national companies alike.


Physical security is the first consideration when protecting your data. Situated in a very low risk location, The Gatehouse data centre in Norwich features:

  • 24/7 security guards
  • 3m security fence
  • Microwave intruder detection
  • Extensive CCTV
  • Proximity card access
  • Biometric iris scanning

Fire Protection

In any secure environment, malicious or accidental fire is always a threat. The Gatehouse data centre features:

  • Zoned fire detection system controlled by a Building Management System
  • Gas suppression using inert gas to extinguish fire in the server rooms without damaging equipment
  • Elsewhere a ‘dry pipe pre-action mist system’ which guards against false triggering


Your IT equipment needs power to function. In the event of a power cut, The Gatehouse data centre features:

  • Instantaneous power from a ‘Rotary Uninterrupted Power Supply’
  • 3 backup generators with sufficient fuel for 8 days electricity at maximum capacity
  • Two sets of power delivery infrastructure
  • All power sourced from a 100% renewable supply


IT equipment creates heat which can be damaging and shorten its life. Cooling is essential. The Gatehouse data centre features:

  • Data hall temperature maintained at 25°c (cooler than industry and manufacturer guidelines)
  • ‘Free cooling’ system which uses less energy by harnessing lower outside temperatures
  • Humidity control to improve equipment life
  • Recycling of waste heat to power humidity control


Almost unique amongst UK data centres, The Gatehouse data centre is located in one of the safest areas of the UK.

Famed for its idyllic coastline and Broads national park, Norfolk has one of the lowest crime rates in Britain. Just outside the picturesque Cathedral city of Norwich, The Gatehouse rests in a quiet commercial area far from the risk of flooding or any other natural threat.

Just 1 hour 50 minutes by train from London, or 2 hours by road, it’s a perfect location for ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.


At MIGSOLV we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Data storage uses high levels of energy which we continually seek to minimise. Our ISO 14001 accreditation assures you we operate to the highest environmental standards. Our measures include:

  • ‘Free cooling plant’ using the ambient outside temperature to provide 333 days per year of free data centre cooling without the need for refrigeration
  • Cold aisle containment, cooling only the air around IT equipment
  • LED lighting throughout, saving 90% energy
  • Reuse of heat generated by equipment to control humidity