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World-class hosting for your critical IT infrastructure

Why 'Colocation'?

Why 'colocation'?

‘Colocation’ refers to using space in a third-party data centre to house your IT equipment, networking and data storage. Your equipment will be installed in a private secured cabinet separate to other businesses. MIGSOLV.colocation allows you to benefit from the rich eco-system of other service providers and technology partners within the data centre.

By choosing MIGSOLV.colocation, you can:

Key benefits:

  • Provide a Disaster Recovery solution should your IT or premises be compromised
  • Eliminate the cost of running your own data centre or server room
  • Provide a versatile and scalable platform for business transformation projects
  • Enable easier transition to cloud-based providers and deployment of hybrid cloud strategies

Whether you’re a multi-national business needing to protect critical data – or a small business looking to free up space and improve your business’s resilience – every byte receives the same world-class protection and support with MIGSOLV.colocation.

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