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Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions for your business

Cloud Migration

The benefits of migrating to private cloud

For businesses and organisations that require large amounts of processing power, a physical infrastructure (private cloud) can substantially reduce costs, boost productivity and eliminate wastage. Utilising cutting-edge cloud technologies makes it possible to reproduce what you currently hold in the public cloud with reduced ongoing costs and higher security.

  • After upfront set-up costs, you won’t receive any nasty unexpected charges even if you run your server(s) 24x7 365 days a year
  • Our Openstack solutions provide the benefits of a private cloud without losing the functionality you’re familiar with
  • World-class security and protection: in the public cloud, your data is vulnerable to a host of potentially catastrophic threats. In collaboration with MIGSOLV, we provide the ultimate level of hardware security and data protection
  • Proactive maintenance and ongoing 24x7 support
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Hybrid or multi-cloud solutions

A fixed number of servers can be a daunting prospect to businesses used to the flexibility of the public cloud. Hybrid or multi-cloud solutions allow businesses to expand their capacity when required whilst still retaining many of the cost benefits of the private cloud.

  • Hybrid seamlessly combines your physical infrastructure with the public cloud
  • Allows you to deploy fixed workloads on your private cloud, while also running operations on the public cloud whenever you need temporary extra capacity
  • You only spend money on the public cloud whenever you absolutely need it
  • When the project is finished you can shut the public cloud down with no break in service and no unexpected costs incurred
  • A perfect solution for businesses that need to retain ultimate flexibility