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Case Study

The Recruit Venture Group Trust MIGSOLV to Secure IT

Depended on by over 7,000 UK workers, The Recruit Venture Group chose MIGSOLV to house and protect their critical IT and data


Depended on by over 7,000 UK workers, The Recruit Venture Group chose MIGSOLV to house, connect and protect their primary IT services. In choosing MIGSOLV The Recruit Venture Group benefit from:

  • High level of security to mitigate physical threats to the IT environment
  • Increased availability from power, to cooling to communications
  • 24 x 7 on-site skilled support for business-critical IT solutions

“The physical protection we’re receiving is second to none.”

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The Recruit Venture Group

Established in 1996, The Recruit Venture Group has become a hugely successful name in UK recruitment. In 2016, they underwent a significant restructure to focus on establishing new joint ventures with budding recruitment entrepreneurs. They have now launched and supported over 45 partner recruitment businesses all over the UK.

The Challenge

The Recruit Venture Group faced a number of common and unique challenges, including keeping a critical IT environment running for over 7000 UK workers and 300 staff whilst ensuring protection from threats including theft, weather, power interruptions and terrorism.

The solution needed to be readily accessible and available 24 x7 with efficient and quick access for all staff, whilst ensuring physical access was still possible if required.

The Solution

Security and availability being core to the MIGSOLV colocation solution was key to the decision making of The Recruit Venture Group and ensured this was one less thing for them to worry about.

As a business reliant on its IT systems, The Recruit Venture Group can place reliance on the MIGSOLV colocation and connectivity service. Backed by skilled engineers at the data centre, MIGSOLV help to ensure simple requests such as daily tape changes or server installations can be completed quickly and accurately ensuring minimal disruption to the customer.


“It’s such a relief migrating our computer systems to MIGSOLV. Now we can sleep at night knowing the physical protection we’re receiving is second to none. MIGSOLV’s world-class data centre is right here on our doorstep. They made the move simple and are on hand 24×7 to help with anything our team needs.”Danny Parr, Director, The Recruit Venture Group