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Case Study

Software-as-a-Service Provider Relies on MIGSOLV to Help Them Become Market Leaders

When Pellcomp needed protection for their innovative training software, they entrusted MIGSOLV to keep their source code safe and secure


Since 2012, Pellcomp have used colocation and connectivity in our data centre to flexibly protect their software’s source code and help facilitate their growth into market leaders.

By choosing MIGSOLV, Pellcomp have benefitted from:

  • World-class physical security and protection for their IT and data
  • Flexible rack space and connectivity which has evolved with their needs
  • 24/7 service desk support from our skilled IT technicians
  • Disaster Recovery solutions for all their critical IT systems
“Relocating our IT and improving its physical protection was a critical step in allowing us the flexibility to grow.”
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CCTV camera for physical security


Established in 1999, Pellcomp have developed a highly-successful Learner Management System (LMS). Their software ‘PICS’ is used by over 470 learning providers and colleges. It delivers a complete suite of CRM, subcontracting and financial management tools to help track learners, manage assessments and present data.

The Challenge

Pellcomp began in a small office in which they also stored their servers and IT infrastructure.

As they have expanded, so have the demands on their IT and data. The protection of the source code for their software has become critical to them, their clients and hundreds-of-thousands of students.

The risks posed by limited physical security, unrestricted access and proximity to normal activities in their office space became too high. They sought a long-term solution that would not only better protect their IT but flexibly facilitate their growth into the market leaders they’ve become today.

The Solution

Pellcomp relocated their servers and IT infrastructure to our world-class data centre to increase their physical security and improve connectivity to both the internet and their customers.

The flexible services we have delivered Pellcomp have grown with them. The rack space they use within our data centre has doubled and their connectivity has risen from 40Mbps to 100Mbps to match their needs.

Pellcomp have maintained easy access to their infrastructure for technical staff and authorised third-parties, through our online portal’s access requests. Our Smart Hands service has meant our skilled team are always available to physically investigate and take action on their behalf to resolve any issues.

100% uptime and availability has been achieved through our N+1 infrastructure which delivers the uninterrupted power, cooling and connectivity their business-critical systems need.


“Relocating our IT and improving its physical protection was a critical step in allowing us the flexibility to grow. The support, service and care we’ve received from MIGSOLV has been outstanding and given us peace-of-mind knowing our data is in such safe and professional hands”Matt Grub, Director, Pellcomp