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Seajacks Protect Critical IT with MIGSOLV

When offshore installation experts Seajacks needed to increase protection of their vital data, they chose MIGSOLV


When offshore installation experts Seajacks needed to increase protection of their vital data, they chose MIGSOLV. The Great Yarmouth based company were able to benefit from:

  • Increased security of vital IT equipment and data through relocating to the data centre
  • Maintaining easy access to hardware and increasing protection against power loss
  • Significantly improved wide area network (WAN) connectivity options
  • Gaining 24x7 local UK support

“For us, MIGSOLV was an excellent choice.”

Seajacks Logo
Seajack's self-propelled jack-up vessel


Established in 2006, Seajacks provide jack-up vessels which help install, maintain and decommission offshore wind turbines and oil & gas rigs.

They’ve experienced strong growth and now operate five purpose-built vessels which have contributed to major North Sea projects including Walney, Greater Gabbard, Sheringham Shoal and East Anglia One wind farms.

The Challenge

The issues faced by Seajacks may be familiar to many businesses operating in and around the energy sector. Seajacks wanted to remain in control of their IT hardware and maintain their ability to access the equipment whilst increasing the physical security of the IT estate and their data.

Concerned by physical and cyber threats, they wanted to increase protection and develop a more robust disaster recovery plan having identified that keeping IT and data on their own premises as being a weakness. Wanting to retain control of the physical IT, they decided to move to the colocation environment, rather than adopt a cloud solution.

The Solution

With security and availability being key attributes for Seajacks, MIGSOLV was able to offer its colocation service – in one of the most secure data centres in the UK.

The Gatehouse data centre provides for 100% uptime of power and cooling. To ensure physical security is catered for, the data centre offers a multi-layered security system with iris recognition and an onsite 24×7 Security Team.  Each customer rack is secured with a proximity card and has a secure partition between adjacent customers meaning the physical security protecting Seajacks assets are never compromised.

MIGSOLV provides 24×7 ‘Smart Hands’ support for fault diagnosis, hardware replacement and upgrades from its service desk, staffed by skilled engineers, ensuring effective and quick support should the need arise.


“Having a secure data centre with excellent connectivity less than 20 miles away is fantastic. We were looking to store our data offsite as part of our disaster recovery plan. We decided against a cloud solution so we could remain in control and maintain physical access to our hardware. For us, MIGSOLV was an excellent choice.”Spokesperson for Seajacks