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Case Study

Corbel Choose MIGSOLV to Help Protect Businesses Against Threats

When Ipswich based IT experts Corbel needed to keep their customers operational in the event of a disaster or attack, they chose MIGSOLV.


Corbel were looking for a secure site from which to house their new cloud services and provide a safe and secure location to back-up their customer’s data, yet be close enough that their own engineering staff were able to easily visit. In choosing MIGSOLV Corbel benefit from:

  • Highest levels of physical security and protection
  • 100% uptime assurance with UPS, backup generators and 8 days’ worth of fuel on site
  • 24x7 service desk manned by skilled IT technicians
  • Disaster recovery options for all business critical IT systems
  • ISO9001 backed support and ISO27001 backed security services

“Our clients need to know they can get on with business whatever happens.”

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Corbel are a leading provider of managed IT services, specialising in backup, disaster recovery and hosting. They also offer other IT services and solutions including IT support contracts, voice and data connectivity. Corbel have developed a suite of services which benefit small to medium-sized businesses through utilising the facilities offered by MIGSOLV.

The Challenge

The issues facing Corbel are not dissimilar to any growing IT company. They were concerned about data protection after the launch of their Business Cloud Premium service and third workspace-recovery suite. 

The business’ data required backing up in the case of a ransomware attack.  MIGSOLV’s data centre are able to provide round the clock monitoring. In addition the data needed to be secured in a facility offering the highest physical security yet still be accessible to their own IT staff.

The Solution

Supporting Corbel and their clients is possible through our state of the art colocation facility and dedicated connectivity services. MIGSOLV deliver a secure rack solution with auditable and traceable security features, all with the support of an on-site 24×7 service desk team.

100% Uptime is maintained through a fully maintained and tested N+1 infrastructure delivering cooling, power, UPS and other business critical systems. Corbel also benefit from a fully resilient IP transit service. In addition, 24×7 access is provided to authorised Corbel staff or approved third party engineers via a secure web portal.


“Our clients need to know they can get on with business whatever happens. MIGSOLV are an important partner in helping us deliver that assurance to businesses, their customers and other stakeholders. With a secure back up and access to our workspace recovery suites, businesses can be sure any unforeseen circumstances or attack won’t stop them serving their customers”Paul Lough, Managing Director, Corbel