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World-class protection – industry leading service

At MIGSOLV our highly skilled team ensure – 24 hours a day – 365 days a year – our clients IT and data could not be more secure.

  • David Manning
    David Manning Managing Director
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    David’s role is to lead MIGSOLV and ensure we continue to deliver our clients the very best protection and customer service. David has over 25 years’ experience in data centre environments, including designing, building and operating facilities across the world for some of the biggest names in retail, banking and IT.

  • Duncan Sharman
    Duncan Sharman Data Centre Manager
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    Duncan is responsible for ensuring our client’s IT equipment and data is secure and accessible 24/7. Duncan has over 20 years’ experience, including 7 years managing installations within BP’s data centres.

  • Lee Mallett
    Lee Mallett Maintenance Manager
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    Lee and his team of engineers are responsible for the physical upkeep of the systems that make The Gatehouse world-class for security. Lee has over 20 years’ electrical and mechanical engineering experience including 10 years within the data centre industry, all put to use protecting our client’s business-critical data.

  • Ollie Raymond
    Ollie Raymond Client Engagement
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    Ollie’s role is to help new and prospective customers explore our services. Ollie, David Manning and Duncan Sharman help customers experience the data centre and find exactly the right solution for their needs.

  • Dominic Boullé
    Dominic Boullé Sales Executive
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    With over 24 years in Oil & Gas, Dominic has managed data centre use for companies throughout the industry. He has a wealth of experience ensuring critical data is always safe and accessible for 24/7 global use.

    24 years in the Exploration & Production Service sector
    Experience in Upstream Offshore, Acquisition and Processing related activities
    Long record of managing Data Centre Infrastructure & environments within the industry
  • Lesley Daubeney
    Lesley Daubeney Group Administration Officer
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    Lesley manages our administration function, including helping customers with their accounts, billing and queries.

  • The Gatehouse
    The Gatehouse Service Desk Technicians
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    Our friendly and professional service desk team are always available to ensure our customers get the best from their colocation at The Gatehouse. On-hand and able to offer support 24/7, they help customers smoothly migrate their hardware to the data centre, whilst also monitoring the health & performance of equipment already installed.