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MIGSOLV Launch Complementary Services

We’re excited to announce a new range of services aimed at helping you gain even greater advantage whilst benefitting from the security, connectivity and flexibility of colocation in our data centre.

MIGSOLV.services introduction

To launch MIGSOLV.cloud, we’ve partnered with data processing specialists Spicule (who’ve worked with clients including NASA, Netflix and the US Government) to deliver a private cloud service directly from our Gatehouse data centre. Climbing public cloud costs are a big issue for many organisations. Developed in response, it provides a totally managed and easily accessed private cloud which overcomes data sovereignty issues and reduces cost.

With our partners BloczIO, we can also provide a stand-alone backup solution for any organisation looking for a highly-encrypted backup or disaster recovery solution.

At our core remains MIGSOLV.colocation. In addition, we’ve expanded our service desk support (MIGSOLV.support) to also offer continuous, out-of-hours or incident handling service for customer’s other critical systems and infrastructure.

Beyond protection, one of the major benefits of the Gatehouse is its fantastic connectivity. MIGSOLV.connect delivers a range of solutions including access to over 250 leading networks with speeds up to 10GB. We can now also provide a private dark fibre connection, a dedicated link between the Gatehouse and your premises, and access to the Janet network.

Finally, MIGSOLV.erase is our new service providing assured destruction of redundant hardware, including servers, hard drives, desktops, laptops and tablets. Peace of mind your data is protected even after use!