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Tech Partnership Solves Climbing Cloud Casts

A rising-star technology firm has joined forces with East Anglia’s world-class data centre to offer businesses with increasingly expensive public cloud costs a way to seamlessly migrate to a more affordable private or hybrid solution.

Tech partnership solves climbing cloud casts

Data Processing firm Spicule have partnered with MIGSOLV to launch a private cloud service which not only dramatically reduces costs but ensures a safe and seamless migration of significant data out of the public cloud.

“For many businesses, public cloud compute and storage resources are a cost-effective way to operate compared to alternatives.”“However, the balance can soon tip when even modest levels of virtual servers and data begin to grow. Partnering with MIGSOLV, we’re able to give businesses a way to dramatically reduce the costs whilst benefitting from even greater protection.”Tom Barber, Managing Director of Spicule

Data intensive businesses, deploying in some of the world’s major cloud providers, are finding their increasing needs are resulting in spiralling costs which are difficult to resolve without impacting their business. The two tech-innovators have come together to create a highly secure cloud solution which lowers costs whilst delivering a number of additional benefits.

The new ‘private’ cloud service will allow businesses to own their own unique fully functioning private cloud, all stored and managed by MIGSOLV and Spicule. Spicule will provide the software and expertise to seamlessly migrate and manage business’s existing data and services. Exclusive use of MIGSOLV’s data centre to house the required hardware will provide greater assurances, unfettered access and UK data sovereignty. As well as these advantages, the service will provide significant cost savings for many businesses, compared to mainstream cloud services.

“Spicule are a new and exciting company with very impressive experience and expertise.”“With their data know-how and our world-class facilities, we’re very excited to work together to deliver something unique for medium-to-large sized businesses.”David Manning, Managing Director of MIGSOLV

Established in the University of East Anglia’s Enterprise Centre in Norwich, Spicule have recently expanded to larger offices just outside the city. Specialising in solutions to collate and analyse large quantities of data, their software already boasts use by organisations including NASA, Netflix and the US government.

MIGSOLV’s data centre, The Gatehouse, is the East of England’s only purpose-built commercial data storage facility. The heavily guarded building houses computer servers and IT equipment for its customers, protecting them from threats including theft, extreme weather and power cuts. Hardware is installed within a temperature and humidity-controlled environment, with eight days back-up power and some of the fastest connectivity in the region.

It is anticipated the new services will be popular with medium to large businesses, as well as public sector organisations.

“There is a gap in the market for truly first-class and affordable public to private cloud migration solutions for fast growing companies.”“We’re very excited to be working with Spicule to deliver the type of private cloud offering usually reserved for the very largest global businesses.”David Manning, Managing Director of MIGSOLV