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East Anglia’s World-Class Data Centre Goes Global

May promises to be a busy month for MIGSOLV as some of their team jet-off to Europe to represent best-practise in data centre delivery for the FinTech and Energy Storage industries.

Managing Director, David Manning, has been asked to present at the 11th Energy Storage World Forum in Berlin, on 17th May. David will be addressing the international attendees on the ways in which modern data centres can benefit from new energy storage technology.

As significant energy consumers, one of the primary benefits of a data centre is the ability to self-generate energy to keep IT and data equipment functioning, should power supplies fail. MIGSOLV’s Gatehouse data centre in Norwich uses a rotary uninterrupted power supply, banks of batteries and three industrial generators to instantaneously provide enough power for eight days running at full capacity.

Attended by global energy producers and consumers including Eon, EDF and Carrefour, David’s presentation will focus on the ways new energy storage technology can be exploited by data centres to satisfy the growing global need for highly secure and always available data.

Prior to the Berlin event, MIGSOLV will be exhibiting at the ICT Spring, Global Tech Conference in Luxembourg, from 15th to 16th May.

As their chosen UK partner, MIGSOLV have been invited by EBRC (the European Business Reliance Centre) in Luxembourg. One of Europe’s largest data-centre providers, EBRC have enlisted MIGSOLV to showcase the world-class facilities available for UK companies using technology to revolutionise finance, insurance and banking (collectively known as FinTech).

Billed as ‘The place where Digital, Tech & Science converge’, ICT Spring is an international expo of new and innovative technology, featuring over 5,000 key decision makers from more than 70 countries. The annual event provides a showcase for the latest trends and developments and their impact on society and the working world.

Closer to home, May will also see the long-anticipated adoption of new GDPR legislation. MIGSOLV has been working closely with new and existing clients to ensure its ultra-secure facilities help them satisfy regulations and keep their customers’ data safe.

Further information on both events can be found at www.energystorageforum.com and www.ictspring.com.