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Data Centre Helps IT Experts Protect Businesses Against Threats

Norwich’s world-class data centre provider MIGSOLV have been chosen by Ipswich-based IT experts Corbel to help them keep businesses working in the event of major disaster or cyber-attack.

As part of their new Business Cloud Premium service, the IT specialists selected MIGSOLV to store and back-up their customer’s vital data, as they launched their third workplace-recovery suite. The new 150-seat office space is available to businesses should their own premises be suddenly put out of use. The Business Clouds service allows companies to move their physical infrastructure to a virtual environment, securely hosted on Corbel servers located at MIGSOLV’s data centre. This solution reduces the cost overhead of purchasing and maintaining physical servers with the benefit of being highly scalable and enabling the company to have predictable monthly costs.

“Recent cyber and terrorist attacks have made the threat to businesses very real.”“Corbel are at the forefront of providing local businesses of all sizes with the protection they need and we’re delighted to be a key part.”David Manning, MIGSOLV Managing Director

MIGSOLV’s Gatehouse data centre in Norwich is the regions only purpose-built commercial data centre, providing space, power, cooling and physical security for organisation’s computer servers and IT equipment. Renovated at a cost of £12 million in 2012, it helps businesses increase their resilience by protecting against threats including terrorism, power failure and extreme weather.

IT specialist Corbel have developed a disaster recovery service so businesses can retain access to their IT, even in the event of a ransomware attack. As part of the Business Cloud and Business Cloud Premium services, a back up of the business’s data is stored on Corbel servers within MIGSOLV’s data centre. The Premium service includes access to Corbel’s workspace-recovery suite, providing a well-equipped space to work if a business’s own IT or premises are inaccessible.

“Our clients need to know they can get on with business whatever happens.”“With their world-class facility right here in the East, MIGSOLV are an important partner in helping us deliver that assurance to businesses, their customers and other stakeholders.”Paul Lough, Corbel Managing Director

Established in 2013, Corbel are a leading provider of telephone and IT services, specialising in data back-up and disaster recovery. They opened their first workspace-recovery suite in 2013 and are now launching their third to satisfy demand from businesses in the East.

“The NHS cyber-attack in May clearly highlighted the threat.”“With a secure back up and access to our workspace recovery suites, businesses can be sure any unforeseen circumstances or attack won’t stop them serving their customers.”Paul Lough, Corbel Managing Director