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Super-fast Janet services launched by second UK data centre

Janet, the ultra-fast IT network, is now available from a second UK commercial data centre – MIGSOLV’s high-security Gatehouse facility - in a move to boost the UK’s digital economy.

Now available from MIGSOLV to boost digital economy

This will help small and medium businesses as well as public bodies work with a wider range of markets by providing access to the communities connected to Janet and the networks linked to it.

By delivering a commercial Janet connection, MIGSOLV’s Gatehouse data centre becomes second only to Goonhilly Earth Station, the renowned satellite and space centre in Cornwall.

While Janet has been developed over the last 30 years primarily for academic and research institutions, any small/medium businesses and public bodies, by placing their IT in MIGSOLV’s data centre, can now connect to the network via MIGSOLV’s partner Next Connex.

This will enable them to access new markets by taking advantage of the extensive external links from the Janet network. This includes potential connectivity to the Public Service Network (PSN) and N3 health network via the Safeshare product from Jisc, plus access to the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) via Redcentric.

By enabling companies to offer private cloud services across a publicly-funded network, Janet access may help them win new public sector contracts or enhance the services they already deliver.

This could be of particular value to companies on the government’s G-Cloud scheme, which aims to help them sell cloud computing services to government bodies.

Public bodies which place their IT in The Gatehouse will also have access to a Janet connection – many for the first time – enabling them to work with a much wider range of suppliers and partners.

This move is a joint initiative between MIGSOLV, Next Connex and Jiscom – Janet’s commercial arm, whose remit is to broaden the network’s user base in order to boost the UK’s digital economy.

“We’re thrilled to be only the second UK commercial facility to offer a Janet connection. It’s a prestigious, ultra-fast network – and a great fit with our data centre, which is one of the most secure in the world.”“Our Janet link opens up a vast new marketplace for companies and public bodies alike which choose to use our data centre services.”David Manning, MIGSOLV Managing Director

Anyone wishing to find out more about MIGSOLV’s Janet connection and colocation services should call 020 3600 1000 or email sales@migsolv.com.

Janet (originally the ‘Joint Academic Network’) comprises over 5,000 km of optical fibre and has over 18 million users. Its backbone runs at 100Gbit/s, with an interconnect capacity of around 40Gbit/s.

Next Connex designs, builds and supports high-performance network infrastructure. The company operates its own UK core fibre network, providing services to systems integrators, service providers, IT companies and telco carriers.

MIGSOLV operates The Gatehouse data centre on a nine-acre site in Norwich. The facility is free of terrorism and flood risks and incorporates rigorous security measures including access by iris recognition, CCTV coverage of every square inch of the site, microwave intruder detection and advanced fire protection systems.

In addition to Janet, MIGSOLV’s data centre offers direct access through Level 3, BT, Vodafone and Virgin Media and, via its partnership with Next Connex, connectivity to more than 200 other carriers.